1900 - 1949





  • March – Fourteen-year-old Clyde Felt of a prominent Mormon family cut the throat of Samuel Collins, allegedly as an assisted suicide for blood atonement.[24] Sixty-two-year-old Collins had exhibited predatory hebephilia or ephebophilia by giving gifts to Felt and two other teenage males with whom he had sex. Felt was cleared of the killing and later married in an LDS temple.[25][26][27]:804


  • January – Kate Thomas who never married published a poem with homosexual themes of taking joy from a feminine kiss and using the word 'gay' in the Young Woman's Journal while living in New York City's Greenwich Village where gay was used as slang for homosexual.[1]:426[28][29]:128–131


  • July – Ogden bishopric member and school superintendent Heber H. Thomas receives publicity for his involvement in physically beating seven teenage male students for having group sex. He later resigned as superintendent as a result.[1]:427



  • May – Actress Ada Dwyer Russell of Mormon upbringing entered a lesbian relationship with poet Amy Lowell.[1]:427 The next year it was reported to the First Presidency that her father James Dwyer, the cofounder of what is now the LDS Business College, had been teaching young men that same-sex sexual activity was not a sin. Upon learning this the First Presidency had Dwyer withdraw his name from membership.[1]:428



  • 1923 – Cornelia (Cora) Kasius, a lesbian woman, begins working as secretary to the Relief Society general president. She had been a staff member at their headquarters since 1920 and published an articles in the Relief Society Magazine in 1925.[31][32] She was one of the subjects in Berryman's research on Salt Lake City lesbian and gay people, and later moved to the gay hot spot Greenwich Village in New York City.[29]:131[1]:385,431–432



  • November – Mildred Berryman ends working on her groundbreaking[33] thesis The Psychological Phenomena of the Homosexual[1]:223,433 on 23 lesbian women and 9 gay men, whom she met through the Salt Lake City Bohemian Club.[19]:20[1]:73 She was a lesbian woman who joined the LDS church at the age of 19,[34]received a patriarchal blessing at the age of 21,[1]:226–228 and later entered a relationship with a Mormon woman for over three decades.[35] Her study spanned well over a decade, but was only published posthumously by her choice.[19]:20



  • 1945 – The apostle Reuben Clark asked church employee Gordon Burt Affleck to organize a surveillance for possible homosexual activity in the steam room of the Church's (now-demolished) Deseret Gymnasium at Temple Square.[27]:307,566[36]:191,488 The Church Office Building now occupies the space of where the gym was located.[19]:22



  • January – It appears church leaders were aware of several instances of homosexual behavior by members in Utah since apostle Charles Callis had been assigned to these cases before he passed away in 1947.[43][44]:271 After Callis' passing the apostle Spencer Kimball was appointed to preside over homosexual cases.[44]:271[45]


  • April – Gay BYU students Kent Goodridge Taylor and Richard Snow[46] who were in love went to visit with church president George Smith who told them to "live their lives as best they could" in their companionship. Smith wrote the words "Homo Sexual" in his appointment book.[1]:434 Earl Kofoed who went from BYU from 1946 to 1948 similarly reported a "live and let live" attitude of leaders towards LGBT Mormons, and described a thriving gay community of friends at BYU. He stated that there were no witch hunts, excommunications, or pressure to change ones sexual orientation at BYU like there would be in later decades.[46]