The power of stories


As humans, we love to listen and to tell stories. Storytelling is a part of our everyday life and culture. We crave the opportunity to be to entertained, to connect, and to learn. We experience stories through movies, books, the radio, podcasts, and daily conversations. As you look back in time, throughout the long history of the human race, you will see that stories have always played a role in the human experience.

     Stories are also one of the best ways to understand history. A person can better connect and understand the context of documents, teachings,

culture, and experiences by listening to someone who personally experienced it. 

     Below we hope to compile together LGBT stories of men and women, of all races, from throughout LDS Church history to present day. These experiences will range from negative to positive, and in between. Together they weave together the untold history of LGBT individuals in the LDS Church. If you have a story you'd like to share, please let us know.





Other sources for more stories: